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Introducing the Clinical Dashboard
The Clinical Dashboard, your essential tool in Dermatology, transforms diagnoses and treatments. This interactive platform facilitates patient image management using our cutting-edge AI models for analysis. Designed to create patient profiles, compile photographic records, and simplify image management.
Clinical Dashboard authentication and navigation system.
Precision Psoriasis Assessments
The Clinical Dashboard calculates the affected-by-Psoriasis body surface area and classifies the severity of the condition, particularly excelling in quantitative assessments of Induration, Erythema, and Desquamation.
Observe the calculation of psoriasis affected areas and severity in terms of Induration, Erythema, and Desquamation on a specific skin segment.
Segmentation Analysis & AI Precision
The Clinical Dashboard employs innovative body segmentation in patient photos, providing detailed, segment-by-segment skin analysis. This approach, combined with meticulous calculations of affected body surface area and severity classifications, allows quantitative and objective assessments of the Psoriasis Area and Severity Index (PASI).
Experience a comprehensive PASI assessment calculation. Affected surface area, Induration, Erythema, and Desquamation are evaluated within each standardized body segment region, and their scores are combined to obtain the final PASI value. Note: An AI-generated patient is used in this video demo.
Objective Progress Tracking
With the Clinical Dashboard, physicians gain a robust tool for monitoring disease progression over time. Sophisticated statistical analyses offer a clear, data-driven picture of skin condition evolution, enhancing diagnostic accuracy and personalizing treatment plans.
Watch how over 30 AI-calculated metrics from each Full Body Psoriasis Calculation are harnessed to enable detailed disease tracking over time.
Unparalleled Photo Comparison
The Clinical Dashboard features advanced photo comparison tools that offer an in-depth understanding of skin conditions and their evolution. With side-by-side and overlay comparisons and independent control of each image's movement, scale, and rotation, the system enables limitless possibilities for clinical comparison.
Discover how image pairs can be compared, manipulated, and saved with their alignments intact, empowering you with continuity and precision in tracking skin condition progression.
Easy Access to Past Records
The Clinical Dashboard facilitates the selection of images from past entries. This feature provides an accessible visual timeline of a patient's disease progression, simplifying comparative analyses.
Explore the 'Browse Entries' menu that allows swift access to past images, enabling seamless comparisons of a patient's progress across visits.
Efficient Tagging System
The Clinical Dashboard incorporates a versatile tag system to expedite navigation and improve user experience. With customizable tags and auto-suggestion libraries encompassing a wide array of topics from common diseases to prevalent pharmaceuticals, this feature ensures swift and precise data access, being especially valuable during high-demand clinic days.
Auto-suggestion of tags, utilizing both custom entries and suggestion libraries, streamlines input and minimizes potential spelling errors, making data entry quick and efficient.
Customizable Tagging System
The Clinical Dashboard takes customization to the next level by allowing users to add their own tags. This feature, combined with the power of auto-suggestions, accelerates the tagging process and boosts the system's adaptability to individual user needs, ensuring optimal record organization and accessibility.
The customization capability extends to tag library configuration for personalized suggestions. Custom tags can be seamlessly incorporated for a more tailored auto-suggestion experience.
Customizable Calculation Preferences
The Clinical Dashboard offers the flexibility to customize a broad array of default parameters. Users can tailor the colors used for body segment masks and adjust the hues of healthy skin and diseased skin. Even the opacities of original images and masks can be modified to suit personal preferences and enhance the clarity of the generated images.
This video demonstrates the customization of default preferences, showcasing how different color settings impact the visualization of a psoriasis calculation.
Server Configuration
The Clinical Dashboard is designed to provide flexibility with data storage. It supports connection to both Cloud and Local servers, allowing you to exercise greater control over your data.
The process of switching server configurations from a Cloud-based setup to a Local setup.
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