Unveiling the Clinical Dashboard: AI in Dermatology
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Unveiling the Clinical Dashboard: AI in Dermatology
September 15, 2023
Denys BreslavetsMaksym Breslavets
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The advent of machine vision technology has marked a paradigm shift in medical imaging. The capability of analyzing intricate patterns within vast datasets holds transformative potential for diagnostic precision. Despite these advantages, the technical depth required to fully harness machine vision remains a daunting task for many in the medical community.
Dermi has acknowledged this technical gap and responded with an adept solution: The Clinical Dashboard, a platform meticulously designed to simplify and optimize the utilization of machine vision and AI for dermatologists.
Single-Photo Psoriasis Severity Calculation
AI and Its Pivotal Role in Modern Medical Imaging
Machine vision and artificial intelligence have woven themselves into the fabric of healthcare, with their impact on medical imaging being particularly profound. These technologies promise enhanced accuracy by not just assessing, but understanding image data at a granular level. In dermatology, where diagnosis often hinges on nuanced visual differences, this level of precision can be game-changing.
Fully Automated PASI Approach
Tackling Diagnostic Subjectivity
Historically, dermatological evaluations have been susceptible to subjective variations. Even seasoned clinicians might diverge in their interpretations of a skin condition’s severity. In addressing this inconsistency, the Clinical Dashboard deploys AI models trained on broad-based consensus data, paving the way for standardized, reproducible assessments.
Emphasis on Usability
While the prowess of AI is widely acknowledged, its perceived complexity can be a deterrent. The Clinical Dashboard embodies Dermi’s commitment to bridging this gap. Behind its streamlined interface lie sophisticated algorithms, ensuring that dermatologists have an efficient, intuitive tool to complement their clinical acumen.
Delving into the Clinical Dashboard's Capabilities
Quantitative Psoriasis Assessments: The Dashboard extends beyond rudimentary classifications. It furnishes clinicians with quantitative evaluations of conditions like psoriasis, capturing the spectrum of disease severity.
Segmented Analysis: The Dashboard excels in granularity, offering segment-wise skin evaluations. This meticulous approach ensures comprehensive assessments.
Progress Tracking: The dynamic nature of dermatological conditions necessitates ongoing monitoring. Backed by robust statistical models, the Clinical Dashboard chronicles disease trajectories, facilitating evidence-based therapeutic adjustments.
Enhanced Photo Comparison: Chronological patient image comparisons transcend mere juxtaposition. The Dashboard’s overlay tools offer nuanced comparisons, facilitating the detection of even subtle dermatological shifts.
Streamlined Tagging: In the bustling realm of clinical care, rapid data access is indispensable. With its intuitive tagging system, both preset and modifiable, the Dashboard ensures that patient profiles are readily accessible.
Personalized System Configurations: Recognizing the myriad of preferences within the dermatological field, the Clinical Dashboard allows users to tweak all default settings, ensuring a tailored experience for everyone.
Flexible Server Architectures: Data security is paramount in medical practice. With this in mind, we built the Clinical Dashboard to support both Cloud, and on-site Local server configurations. With a Local server configuration, all data is processed and stored within your premises.
Fully Automated PASI Integration
For those keen on an immersive experience, video demonstrations and a wealth of information await at Clinical Dashboard Info Page. Engage directly with the platform via the Clinical Dashboard. Embracing the ethos of community-driven development, Dermi has waived any fees for the online Clinical Dashboard Demo, urging users to share their invaluable feedback.
Pioneering AI-Driven Dermatology
Dermi’s initiative goes beyond just technology — it's a new approach to dermatology. By integrating AI within clinical practice, we aim to improve diagnosis, treatment, and therapeutic outcomes. The Clinical Dashboard showcases this integration, marking a significant step forward in patient care.
Denys Breslavets: Lead Software Engineer at Dermi
Maksym Breslavets: Lead Researcher at Dermi
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