Clinical Dashboard V2.1: A Leap in Usability and Features
Explore the latest enhancements in Dermi's Clinical Dashboard, from intuitive design tweaks to powerful new features, all shaped by community feedback
Clinical Dashboard V2.1: A Leap in Usability and Features
October 23, 2023
Denys BreslavetsMaksym Breslavets
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We are pleased to announce significant updates to the Clinical Dashboard. These improvements have been driven by valuable feedback from our community and real-world use in clinical settings.
After thorough analysis of this feedback, we've incorporated several new features and addressed numerous system issues. Furthermore, we've redesigned the user interface and experience of the Clinical Dashboard, ensuring it's more intuitive in clinical environments and compatible with touchscreen tablets.
Concise overview of key changes in Clinical Dashboard V2.1:
  • A complete redesign that aligns with modern standards for better usability.
  • Touch support has been added, enhancing image zooming and panning in the Image Viewer, Side-by-Side Comparison Viewer, and Overlay Comparison Viewer.
  • Users can now edit appointment dates directly.
  • A new DataTable system has been introduced, offering powerful search and sorting functions.
  • Individual item cards in the DataTable have been improved to show more relevant information.
  • We've streamlined the DataTable fields search into one universal search bar.
  • Fast search and sorting are now possible by directly selecting individual tags in the DataTable view.
  • The Tagging System has been expanded with 10 additional Tag Libraries, increasing the Clinical Dashboard’s tag autocomplete terms to over 1,500.
  • We've enhanced data safety measures, now requiring confirmation phrases for complete item deletion.
  • Numerous bugs have been identified and fixed, making the system more reliable.
Enhanced Data Management with DataTable
Quick and precise access to patient data is vital in healthcare. Our improved DataTable features streamline data management, ensuring timely retrieval of crucial patient and image information. This optimized workflow aids in prompt and informed clinical decisions.
Explore our DataTable's approach to improving patient data access and supporting healthcare decisions.
Robust Data Deletion Protocols
Ensuring the security and integrity of patient data is paramount. Our enhanced deletion process, requiring explicit confirmation like "PERMANENTLY DELETE PATIENT", minimizes accidental data loss risks. This safeguard not only protects patient information but emphasizes the importance of deliberate data management.
Take a closer look at our data deletion protocols, enhancing patient data security and mindful management.
Streamlined Data Entry with Expanded Tag Libraries
Efficient data entry is key to timely care. Our expanded tag libraries, offering faster autocompletion, accelerate the documentation process, reduce entry errors, and ensure standardized data categorization. This enhancement is crucial in a fast-paced healthcare environment.
Delve into our expanded tag libraries, simplifying data entry for a smoother healthcare experience.
Dive deeper into the capabilities of our Clinical Dashboard with video demonstrations available on the Clinical Dashboard Info Page. For a hands-on experience, you're invited to explore the platform directly via the Clinical Dashboard. In line with our commitment to community-driven development, we offer unrestricted access to the online Clinical Dashboard Demo at no cost. Your feedback is instrumental in shaping our platform's evolution. Please share your insights and suggestions with us through our Contact page. We're dedicated to continuous refinement and greatly value our community's input.
Navigating Ahead: Updates and Integrations for Dermi
With this update, we continue our commitment to enhancing the Dermi platform. As we refine our features, we're also focusing on broader integration capabilities. We have plans in the pipeline to integrate the Clinical Dashboard into established EMR systems, offering more streamlined workflows for healthcare professionals. Your feedback and collaboration remain integral to our development process, and we're excited about the journey ahead.
Denys Breslavets: Lead Software Engineer at Dermi
Maksym Breslavets: Lead Researcher at Dermi Logo
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